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The most interesting projects Pavel took part in:

Project Customer Year
Methodology development and data processing of different subjects expert polls in Russia regions
Institute of Situational Analysis and New Technologies (ISANT)
From September 1999 to present time
Participation in calculation of The Rating of Reputation of the Russian companies
 The "Expert" magazine, # 7 at 19 Febr 2002  autumn-winter 2001-2002
Methodology development of the Websites Rating of the largest Russian banks  "Izvestiya", daily (paper) at 20 September 2001. " The Internet Marketing Company"
 July-September 2001
Developing methodology for Russian person of consequence Rating
The "Expert" magazine (#38, Oct. 9, 2000) Center for Regional Applied Research
From April to October 2000
Developing methods and data handling for various expert poll in 50 Russia regions
 Center for Regional Applied Research  From October 1999 to present time
Russian banks Rating, using the non-complete pair comparison method
 Web Publisher "InfoArt"  October 1999
Internet Service Providers Rating, using the non-complete pair comparison method
 Web Publisher "InfoArt"  March 1999
Developing method for IT managers rating
 Microsoft (Moscow Office), Agency "Dator"  1998
Russian Computer Company Rating
 Russian Computer Union, Agency "Dator"  1997
Russian industrial enterprises Rating method . (With Dun & Bradstreet and Ernst & Young)
 Russian Privatization Center  1996
Bank priority rating  One of the banks in the Moscow region
Project proposals rating  Russian Fuel and Energy Ministry , Russian Industry Ministry

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